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Roommate Relationships

Most new students don't request a specific roommate, choosing instead to let fate and technology make that match for them. After all, any two people can be great roommates, whether they start out as strangers, best friends, or something in between.

If you choose to request 1 or more specific roommates after submitting your housing contract, remember to:

  • Be sure your roommate also lists you, and that you both list the same preferred halls.
  • Work together to submit both Housing Contracts as early as you can. For assignment purposes, both Contracts will assume the worst priority number which will likely affect your assignment.

Contact your assigned roommate
You'll find your roommate's name and email address on our website along with your room assignment after you are assigned to a room. Getting in touch when you receive your assignment will give you a chance to get to know each other and coordinate some aspects of your move.

  • Tell your roommate about yourself.
  • Discuss your expectations and your commitment to the roommate relationship.
  • Decide who will bring what for the room, or set a time to discuss it later.
  • Discuss whether you want to wait until move-in to shop for some items together.

What happens when roommates do not get along?
Each resident brings with him or her a different set of expectations. To encourage open communication, all residents discuss and sign a roommate agreement at the beginning of the fall term and any time there is a change in residence status in the room. Understanding one another’s expectations and deciding on room parameters early on seems to help the situation. When roommates have difficulty with one another, we first suggest they talk about the conflict causing issue. When roommates are unable to resolve a situation on their own, a mediator is called upon to help. In mediation, an objective person, usually a University Housing staff member, acts as an intermediary to ensure that strong feelings do not hinder the process and that both sides are represented fairly. Mediation is effective for sorting through extreme emotions in order to find a rational solution. In the extreme cases in which mediation fails, arbitration will be used. In this process roommates agree beforehand to honor the arbitrator’s decision.

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