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Community Expectations

University Housing offers a unique community living environment. To preserve this special community, you are expected to exercise responsibility and to abide by the community expectations.

Community Expectations are designed to promote and maintain an atmosphere conducive to community living. All residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these expectations. These expectations are a supplement to the Student Code of Conduct and the University Housing Contract. Any violation of the expectations may result in disciplinary action. Expectations that duplicate Student Code of Conduct violations are noted after the specific expectation by citing the appropriate conduct code violation(s) that apply to that charge. When possible, allegations involving these charges will be charged under the Student Code of Conduct.

For more information on the Student Conduct Code and to read all policies and procedures related to Student Conduct at Florida State University, go to:

To review the University Housing Contract, click here.

Other violations may be charged citing Student Code of Conduct S.C.C.e(16)d followed by the specific housing expectation(s) not covered by the Student Code of Conduct.

I.Respect for Persons

  1. Resident Relations
    1. Students must be cognizant of the rights of others and avoid activities that unnecessarily disturb individuals or groups, or interfere with the normal activities ofthe University. This includes, but is not limited to intimidating behavior, physical assault, hazing and unsuitable or boisterous conduct.S.C.C.e(2);e(3); e(4)
    2. University Housing respects and celebrates the diversity of residents housed therein. Acts of intolerance and/or harassment due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, or sexual orientation are neither appropriate nor tolerated.S.C.C.e(1); e(3)
    3. Students will refrain from harassment and verbal abuse of other students.S.C.C.e(3)
    4. No resident may audio or video record, broadcast, or live stream another resident inside the residence halls, including all public areas, without their knowledge or consent. Audio or visual equipment includes, but is not necessarily limited to, computer microphones, computer webcams, cell phones, flip cameras, digital cameras, and other digital video or audio recording devices.
    5. Non-residents are not permitted to engage in audio or visual recording, broadcasting, or live streaming within residence hall public areas (including, but not limited to, lobbies, lounges, kitchens, study lounges, recreation rooms, hallways, and laundry rooms) without the written consent of University Housing. Audio or visual equipment includes, but is not necessarily limited to, computer microphones, computer webcams, cell phones, flip cameras, digital cameras, and other digital video or audio recording devices.
  2. Noise Level
    1. Quiet hours are in effect from 9 p.m. until 9 a.m., during which time no noise should be heard outside student rooms or in the building courtyard.Residents may extend these hours on their floor by a two-thirds vote of the floor.Residents may extend these hours for the courtyard by a two-thirds vote of the hall or complex.
    2. Moderate noise levels that promote an atmosphere of academic success should be maintained during all hours other than those designated as quiet. Residents should be considerate by observing these hours and responding appropriately to requests to lower noise volume.
    3. The playing of musical instruments should be restricted to music practice rooms. Students playing instruments in their rooms may be asked to stop if their playing disturbs others.
    4. Free weights in student rooms pose concerns of safety, damage, and noise; therefore students are limited to one (1) set of hand weights whose weight is no more than 20 pounds per weight.
  3. Residents' Guests
    1. In respect for the privacy of others, visitors are permitted during specified hours only in accordance with Housing visitation policies and your roommate / suitemate agreement.
    2. Hosts are expected to meet their guests at the building entrance and escort their guests at all times while in the building.At no time should any resident provide entrance to the building to someone who is not his or her guest.
    3. Hosts are responsible for all actions of their guests.
    4. In each hall separate restroom facilities are provided for men and women.At no time should individuals be in a restroom facility designated for the opposite gender.
    5. Residents may have overnight guests in the halls in accordance with the visitation guidelines in place for their particular building. Such guests, however, may not stay for more than 3 days in any 30 day period without expressed permission from the Residence Coordinator or Hall Director.
    6. Cohabitation is not permitted.

II.Respect for Health, Safety, and Welfare

  1. Students are prohibited from keeping or using firearms, fireworks, explosives, weapons (including, but not limited to, knives, swords, pellet, air, spring loaded, or paintball guns), or other dangerous articles or substances in University housing.S.C.C.e(6)a
  2. Alcohol and Illegal Drugs
    1. No person under the legal age in the state of Florida may consume alcoholic beverages in the residence halls.S.C.C.e(8)e
    2. Possession of alcoholic beverages is not permitted by students under the legal age in the state of Florida.S.C.C.e(8)e
    3. Students who display intoxicated behaviors (including, but not limited to, glazed eyes, slurred speech, etc.) or students who require staff assistance due to their consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs shall be subject to disciplinary action.S.C.C.e(8)h
    4. Residents over the legal age in the state of Florida are not permitted to have open containers of alcohol in a common area (including, but not limited to, hallways, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, elevators).
    5. Decorative container collections e.g. bottles, cans, bottle caps are not permitted.
    6. Devices that promote irresponsible drinking (including, but not limited to, kegs, beer balls, funnels, bongs, beer pong table, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls.
    7. If none of the residents assigned to a particular living space are over the legal age in the State of Florida, alcohol is not permitted in that living space, regardless of the age of the person(s) that claim responsibility for said alcohol.
    8. Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited in the residence halls.S.C.C.e(8)a,b,d
    9. Possession or use of prescription medication for which you do not have hold a valid prescription in your name is not permitted in the residence hall.
  3. Fire Safety
    1. Activating a false fire alarm is strictly prohibited.S.C.C.e(7)a
    2. Students are not to tamper with or remove any fire or safety equipment (including, but not limited to, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguisher, etc.) in the residence halls.Items may not be hung from the sprinklers.S.C.C.e(7)b
    3. Cooking food must be attended at all times to prevent fires and unintentional fire alarms.
    4. Students must vacate the building whenever the fire alarm system is activated.S.C.C.e(7)c
    5. Open flame/heat or open element devices (including, but not limited to, barbeque grills, halogen torch lamps, candles, incense, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls or building courtyards.
    6. Seasonal decorative items (including, but not limited to, live trees, hay, dried leaves, etc.) are not permitted in the residence halls.
    7. Objects that obstruct egresses and hallways are potential fire hazards and are prohibited from being stored in the residence halls (including but not limited to bookshelves, additional chairs and tables, shopping carts, etc.).
    8. Motorized vehicles (including but not limited to motorcycles, mopeds, segues, etc) may not be stored inside any residence hall.
    9. Any other device, element, or object that presents a fire safety hazard is not permitted in the residence halls. If you have questions about prohibited items, or if you are thinking of buying something that could be considered a prohibited item, please contact the Residence Life Office prior to bringing it to the residence hall to determine whether it can be allowed.
  4. Cooking in Student Rooms
    1. Cooking appliances requiring more than 700 watts (including, but not limited to, coffee makers, espresso machines, microwave ovens, etc.) are not permitted for use in student rooms.
    2. Any open element appliances (including, but not limited to, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, toasters, electric frying pans, etc.) are not permitted for use in student rooms.
    3. All cooking areas should be cleaned immediately after use.
  1. Propping open doors is strictly prohibited.
  2. Sales (including, but not limited to, running a business out of a room) or any type of solicitation is not permitted in the residence halls. All materials to be distributed to the residence halls/students must be approved by the Residence Life Office.S.C.C.e(9)d
  3. Fish are the only pets allowed. Other pets are not permitted in the residence halls. Fish must be in small bowls or an aquarium that is limited to 30-gallon capacity (one per room).
  4. Students are never permitted to be out on ledges, roofs, or outside of windows.
  5. In consideration of safety and of students withdisabilities, hallways, sidewalks and stairwells must be kept free of obstructions at all times.
  6. Smoking is not permitted inside the residence halls (including, but not limited to, private rooms, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, balconies, etc.).
  7. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their room. Residents may face disciplinary action and/or be charged financially for special cleaning needed by improper care of rooms.

III.Respect for Residence Hall Operations

  1. Residence Hall Staff
    1. Students will comply with reasonable requests from residence hall staff.S.C.C.e(9)a
    2. Students will identify themselves when asked.S.C.C.e(9)a
    3. Students will provide true and accurate information when asked.S.C.C.e(9)b
    4. Students will refrain from harassment and verbal abuse of staff members.S.C.C.e(3)
  2. Computers
    1. Downloading or sharing copyrighted material is prohibited.S.C.C.e(12)c
    2. Computers will not be used as servers.S.C.C.e(12)b
    3. Routers (including, but not limited to, wired and wireless) are not permitted in the Residence Halls.
  3. All room changes must be authorized by appropriate personnel and must follow established change procedures.
  4. Keys and Residence Hall Access
    1. Students are not allowed to give their FSUCard, room and/or entrance keys to others.S.C.C.e(10)a
    2. Students are expected to abide by all University Housing lockout policy procedures.
    3. Students are expected to report lost or missing residence Hall keys or access cards immediately.
    4. Falsification of information in an attempt to obtain a back-up key is strictly prohibited.S.C.C.e(10)c

IV.Respect for Property

  1. Students are expected to respect university property as well as the property of other community members. Students shall be financially liable for damages (including mounted televisions, wall shelving), alterations (unauthorized painting of rooms), or removals that they cause (including damage caused by their guests), to residence hall rooms, buildings and community member’s property.S.C.C.e(11)a
  2. University property may not be removed from student rooms or from public areas.S.C.C.e(11)b
  3. Out of respect for community property, sports and general rough-housing are not permitted in the hallways.
  4. Screens must remain in windows at all times.
  5. Students may not remove, alter, or tamper with door closures, peepholes, locks or any item that obstructs entry or exit to any door within the residence hall room.Additional locks may not be added to the room or suite bathroom doors.
  6. Throwing or dropping objects from windows, balconies and sundecks is prohibited.
  7. The use of wheeled conveyances (including, but not limited to, rollerblades, skateboards, or bicycles) is not permitted in the residence halls.

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