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Sarah Butler

Sarah Sheldon
Associate Director

Residence Education
Tel: (850) 645-0969

Stephanie Tillman

Sarah Sheldon
Program Coordinator

Academic Initiatives
Tel: (850) 645-7281

Venus Skowronski

Sarah Sheldon
Assistant Coordinator

Academic Initiatives
Tel: (850) 645-128

What We Do

The Academic Initiatives program supports residential students' academic needs and goals through advising, academic events, campus connections, and providing an academic environment that motivates students to excel.

Team Members

  • Sarah Butler serves as Associate Director of Residence Education.
  • Stephanie Tillman serves as the Program Coordinator of Academic Initiatives.
  • Venus Skowronski serves as the Assistant Coordinator of Academic Initiatives.
  • Academic Trainers
  • The trainers are current Florida State University students trained to assist residential students to succeed in their academic endeavors. Click here to view Academic Trainer Contact Sheet.

University Housing’s mission is to provide exceptional living opportunities for students to succeed academically. Our goal is to empower and support students to reach their full potential through events, interactions, and experiences beyond the classroom. Residential students will enhance their academics and career readiness by connecting with campus partners and faculty. Our Engage 100 course, Academic Resource Centers, and scholarship consultations are available to help launch YOUR academic success.

Academic Tools and Tips

The academic tools and tips can assist you in scheduling your time, actively participating in class, and maximizing your learning potential. Take advantage of this resourceful toolkit to streamline your academic journey. For additional study tips and tools, please visit Academic Center for Excellence.

Step 1: Get Organized

  • Weekly Study Schedule - Build a routine to make time for your commitments[See attached]
  • Course Master To-Do List – A master to-do list to organize all of your tasks for the week[See attached]
  • Weekly Planner – A weekly calendar to plan your time[See attached]
  • Project To-Do List – A resource to aid in taking larger assignments/projects and breaking them down into smaller manageable tasks (an example and blank template included)

Step 2: Maximize Class Time

  • Study Cycle - Make the most of in-class and out-of-class time[See attached]

Step 3: Create a Study Plan

  • Study Strategies - A list of study strategies categorized by learning styles
  • Pomodoro Technique – A tool for focused work with planned breaks in between[See attached]
  • Five Day Study Plan – An example for building an organized exam study schedule

Campus Resources

Get to know the wide range of available campus resources to help you succeed academically. Learn More.

Academic Resource Centers (ARC) are convenient spaces for students living on-campus to study, collaborate and excel academically. Whether studying alone or working on a group project, the ARC provides an on-campus space for communal and individual learning. Academic Resource Centers provide a place to study, work on homework, read, or meet with an Academic Trainer. There are multiple seating options, whiteboards, and resources for projection. Current ARC locations include:

  • Jennie Murphree Hall
    • Available to all residential students
    • Location: Ground Floor, behind the Chick-fil-A entrance
    • Hours: Open daily from 9am-9pm, except during residential hall closures
    • Amenities/technology:
      • Individual study pods (one ADA accessible pod)
      • Group study seating
      • Whiteboards
      • Smart TV with hook-up capabilities
      • Restrooms
      • Water fountain with bottle filler
      • Drink Vending Machine

  • DeGraff East
    • Available to all residential students of DeGraff East and DeGraff West
    • Location: First Floor of DeGraff East Hall
    • Hours: Open daily from 3pm-9pm, expect during residential hall closures
    • Amenities/technology
      • Individual study seating
      • Group study seating
      • Whiteboards
      • SMART Interactive Board

Photo of Academic Trainers assisting students

Academic Trainer

Academic Trainers are current Florida State University students who serve University Housing by helping residential students succeed socially and academically. Academic Trainers work as peer educators in our Academic Resource Centers to help students with study skills, study schedules, and resource referrals. Academic Trainers are also mentors in our Engage 100 Course, Residential Scholars: The Florida State Experience. Students who need academic assistance can make appointments to meet with an Academic Trainer.

View Academic Trainer Contact Sheet

Academic Consultation

Academic Consultations are one-on-one sessions with an Academic Trainer that help students develop specific strategies to address their academic concerns. We offer two types of consultations: Time Management and Study Skills. Based on the appointment type, Academic Trainers can gear conversations toward the individual needs of the students they meet. Also, Academic Trainers can provide short- or long-term academic accountability as specified by the student's needs.

What to expect from an academic consultation

When you come to an Academic Consultation, you should encounter a friendly Academic Trainer ready to help you practice and understand course concepts further in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere encouraged to utilize strategies to help students gain better understanding of course material.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Students wanting to meet with an Academic Trainer can schedule an appointment here.

For instructions on how to schedule an appointment on Campus Connect, click here.

University Housing teaches a class called Residential Scholars: Community and College Life. This course is only available for first year residential students! Through taking this course, you will be better equipped to develop wellness habits, enhance your study skills, learn more about who you are, and connect with the FSU community! Successful completion of this course will allow students to:

  • Discover pathways to environmental, physical, emotional, and financial well being
  • Identify strategies to enhance academics and career readiness
  • Develop their identity as active community members
  • Demonstrate responsibility and mindfulness when engaging their communities

The class will meet as a small group one hour each week and is just the beginning of the academic enhancement opportunities available to you as a Housing resident. For more information on this course as well as other engage 100 opportunities, check out

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