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University Housing Florida State University
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What to Bring

Some of these items are intended as suggestions and are not required. If you are unable to bring these items with you, there are plenty of shopping options here in Tallahassee where you can purchase household supplies.

What to Bring to FSU:

What to Bring to FSU Infographic

Backpack, school supplies, calendar, bulletin board/dry erase board, insurance card, posters, masking tape, hangers, cold medicine and other over-the-counter medications, copies of prescriptions, key chain and ID card holder, umbrella, raincoat, postage stamps, stationery, cleaning supplies, small sewing kit, small tool kit, copy of social security card, copy of birth certificate

Bed and Bath Items:
Comforter, blanket, pillow, towels, shower, tote, wastebasket, soap with soap container, hairdryer, curling iron, shower shoes, bathrobe, razors, toilet paper (if in apt.), *sheets and pillowcases
*Note: Mattress sizes vary. We suggest you purchase extra long sheets.

Electronics and Housewares:
Alarm clock, cell phone, desk lamp, fan, multiple outlet strip with surge protector (long cords), flashlight and batteries, stereo/radio/CD player, microwave (700 watts or less), coffee maker, plates and kitchenware, microwavable cups, storage containers, iron and small ironing board, laundry bag or basket, optional electronics (television, DVD player with cables, computer, printer, ethernet card and cables)

What to Leave at Home:

Cooking equipment with an exposed heating coil (toaster ovens, hot plates, steam cookers, deep fryers, electric skillets, gas or charcoal grills, etc.), halogen lamps, electric heaters, candles, incense, propane canisters, lighter fluid, charcoal, live Christmas trees, ceiling fans, TV wall mounts, HDTV wall mounts, wall mounted shelving, wall mounted mirrors, lofts or concrete blocks to elevate beds or other furniture, weapons of any kind (including handguns, rifles, shotguns, any firearms, knives, darts, archery equipment, B-B guns, air guns, pellet guns(metal or plastic), paintball guns, fireworks, etc.), animals or pets (fish are the only pets allowed in an aquarium limited to a 30-gallon capacity), alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or drug paraphernalia, empty alcoholic beverage containers or other prohibited decorative containers, extra refrigerators, wireless routers.

*Remember to check with your roommate before bringing most appliances, so that you won't crowd your room with two of everything!

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