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University Housing Florida State University
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What We Do

University Housing's Custodial and Maintenance staff strives to maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment for its residents. The staff prides themselves on their rapid response and diligent efforts to maintain the residence halls.

Our goal, and promise to you, is to maintain an environment that makes a good first impression, which places a value on comfortable and usable spaces, and is conducive to successful studying and personal growth.

We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our services and facilities. Our staff considers new ideas and evaluates our processes on a daily basis.


There is a custodial staff that is responsible for handling the day to day care and cleaning of the residence hall to which they are assigned. Each building's custodial staff is supervised by a Facilities Supervisor that is assigned to that building.

Community Involvement

  • Highly visible, available, consistent, knowledgeable
  • High contact with residents, family during move-in
  • Collaboration with other campus departments
  • Weekly walks and interactions with Residence Life staff to review hall condition

Staff Focus/Training

  • Hands–on training with policies, equipment, procedures
  • Periodic employee reviews with area inspections and feedback
  • Basic career guidance, advising, training for staff
  • Weekly equipment evaluation
  • Maintain and update staff manual

Daily Responsibilities

  • Maintain high level of cleaning on floors, public spaces, and other finishes
  • Daily community bathroom cleaning, and ongoing cleaning of suite/apartment bathrooms
  • Work with various vendors (carpets, furniture, pest control, etc…)
  • Facilitate recycling program
  • Process and distribute work order submissions
  • Order and maintain custodial supplies

Special Projects

  • Weekend cleaning crew — checks trash and facilities–related incidents
  • Conduct Health & Safety, Maintenance inspections each semester
  • Work additional weekend hours during high–traffic dates
  • Inventory hall furniture/finishes
  • Winter/Spring suite bathroom cleaning — no added staff
  • Quick turnarounds for Summer camps/conferences – no added staff

Emergency Responses

  • After hours response crew for emergency cleaning purposes
  • Blood borne pathogen remediation
  • Bed bug response and control
  • Staph infection emergence control


In University Housing we take pride in our facilities. We do this by building a team of skilled staff to maintain the residence halls’ functionality, furniture and amenities. We have a wide range of staff positions, so that we can respond to the various needs arising in our residence hall facilities.

Each hall has a Skilled Trades Worker to take care of routine maintenance in and around the hall. We also have Carpentry Shop staff to address these specific needs, and Preventative Maintenance Staff to periodically service our facilities.

Filter Changes/Air Unit Serviced

Maintenance staff change the air filters in the residence hall rooms approximately every 60 days, with Salley being the exception of approximately every 30 days. While doing so, staff also services and cleans the air units. Hall staff will post flyers prior to starting the task, and residents will need to ensure that the filter vent can be assessed by the hall staff.

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