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Health & Safety Inspections

Once a semester, Residence Life Staff and the Facilities Supervisor will enter every student room to conduct a Health and Safety Inspection. While in the room the staff will identify maintenance, cleanliness, and safety concerns. The Facilities Supervisor will note any maintenance or safety concerns and report these items for repair. Students are expected to maintain a general level of cleanliness and if this standard is not met the student is expected to clean the room. This is done to keep control of pests and to enhance safety precautions.

In addition the Residence Life Staff will inspect for violations of the Community Expectations in the Guide to Residence Life. Items recovered during the inspection will be secured and labeled for the resident to claim later in the semester. Alcohol, alcohol decorative containers, and drug paraphernalia will not be returned. Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons will be confiscated by the Florida State University Public Safety Department.

Please do the following to ensure safety in the residence halls. Do not bring candles. Candles and unattended cooking are the major causes of fires in Residence Halls. Do not use appliances that have an exposed coil such as hot plates and electric heaters. Finally, do not overload electrical outlets.

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