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Rent & Payment Instructions

Rent Prepayment

Housing contract prepayments are due within 7 calendar days of submitting the housing contract.

The Fall/Spring housing contract prepayment, which is $225 for incoming first–year and transfer students, is applied towards Fall rent if the student attends FSU. If the student does not attend FSU, the prepayment will be applied towards their forfeiture fee and any additional funds, if applicable, will be refunded to the student.

The Summer housing contract prepayment, which is $100 for incoming first-year and transfer students, is applied towards Summer rent if the student attends FSU. If the student does not attend FSU, the prepayment will not be refunded since their forfeiture fee will equal the prepayment.


All FSU student account information is available on the myFSU portal. There will be no bills provided by University Housing.

Rent is posted to the student's FSU student account 1 week after the students is assigned. Students are responsible for paying their rent on time by the 2nd Friday of classes.

A $50 late fee will be assessed to the student’s account if rent is not paid by the due date unless the student has a tuition deferment because of delayed financial aid.

Florida Prepaid College Housing Plan (Fall and Spring Semesters only)

The 2023—2024 rate for Florida Prepaid Housing will fully cover the cost of a Suite Double with Shared bathroom at FSU. If students are assigned to a room with a higher rental rate, they will be responsible for the difference.

Financial Aid

All financial aid is typically disbursed by the 5th day of classes each semester, which is before rent is due. Financial aid will pay tuition first and then other charges on the student’s account including housing rent charges. Any remaining financial aid funds left after FSU charges are paid will be disbursed to the student. If financial aid does not fully cover housing rent, the student is responsible for paying the balance by the rent due date.


Installment or partial payments can be made towards the student's rent balance any time after rent is posted to the myFSU portal. Students who want to pay in installments should begin making installment payments after their rent is posted to ensure that the full balance has been paid on/before the due date.

Example installment payment:

If a student is assigned to a suite double with shared bath, their rent is $3,580 (2022/2023 rates) for the Fall Semester. Since their $225 prepayment is applied towards this amount, their rent balance is $3,355 when assigned. If they make 4 equal monthly installment payments until their rent is due, they could pay $838.75 ($3,355 divided by 4) on July 15, August 1, August 15, and September 4 to pay their balance by the Fall rent due date.

Please note that the above is provided merely as an example.

How to Make a Personal Payment

  Methods Accepted Instructions
Online Credit Card / Electronic Check /

Pay at: or through (Student’s permanent FSUID needs to be activated to pay the deposit.)

A convenience fee per transaction will be assessed for all payments made online. This is the only method that can be used when paying by credit card. For more information Click Here

Mail Check / Money Order

Make out payment to Florida State University (with student's name and EmplID on front of check/money order) and send to:

University Housing, 942 Learning Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4174

In Person Cash / Check / Money Order/ Visit the University Housing office with cash, check, or money order. Payments are accepted in our office, located in the Askew Student Life Building, between 9am — 4pm, Monday through Friday.


The housing contract is binding and cannot be cancelled if the student attends FSU.

If the student does not attend FSU, their Fall/Spring forfeiture fee will be deducted from their prepayment based on the date of cancellation:

On/before May 1 $50
After May 1 and prior to the official hall opening date $225

The balance of the prepayment will be refunded within 4—6 weeks.

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