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LGBTQ+ Housing Frequently Asked Questions

University Housing has been undergoing major renovations and rebuilds of its historic residence halls on campus since 1991. These projects include replacing outdated community bath floors with suite style housing. In addition, the construction of several new housing facilities also incorporates the suite style design.

This new design has allowed us to adjust housing occupancy protocols. The older community bath residential floors and facilities could only house students of the same gender identification. The move to more suite style buildings has enabled University Housing to have more flexibility in how students are assigned.

As of spring 2021, FSU has, upon request, been assigning students to LGBTQ+ housing regardless of their gender identification to the University. We plan to continue integrating more students within these suites and apartments, moving forward.

What is LGBTQ+ housing?

At FSU, LGBTQ+ housing are spaces (suites and apartments) allocated for members of the LGBTQ+ community. For the past several years, University Housing has been working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, residence hall leaders, university administrators and the LGBTQ+ Taskforce.

LGBTQ+ housing assignments may be with roommates and suitemates of any gender identity or gender expression. Assignment to LGBTQ+ rooms are based on space available, and is not guaranteed for all students who express interest.

Returning Residents:

Students who currently live on campus and are contracting for the next academic year will opt into LGBTQ+ housing on their housing contract, which is available early November through mid-January. During online room selection in February, students who have opted into LGBTQ+ housing will be able to self-select into rooms in LGBTQ+ suites and apartments.

New Students:

Students who are starting at FSU and living on campus will opt into LGBTQ+ housing on their housing contract, which is available shortly after admissions decisions are released. Housing staff will assign students who opt into LGBTQ+ housing with other students who also opted in, so long as space is available. LGBTQ+ spaces are available in nearly every building, and students are assigned based on their contract number.

How will my privacy be maintained as I apply for LGBTQ+ housing?

Each student fills out an individual contract with the University and we maintain your privacy rights based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Your answer to the opt-in question on the contract will be visible on the housing portal as part of your contract. The housing portal is only accessible with your FSU credentials.

Where is LGBTQ+ housing located and does it cost more?

LGBTQ+ Housing is dispersed throughout our 20 residential buildings. Housing costs range and accommodate various price points. There is no additional cost to live specifically in LGBTQ+ housing.

Can I choose my roommate?

Yes, you may choose your roommate (if selected by the deadline) or you will be assigned a roommate based on interest in living in LGBTQ+ housing. If your requested roommate does not opt into LGBTQ+ housing, you will be assigned with your roommate through the standard housing process, not in an LGBTQ+ space.

Can I live with a preferred roommate who has a different gender on file with the University than mine?

Yes, this is particularly common for students who identify as transgender or nonbinary. If your requested roommate has a different gender on file with the University than yours, please contact Mandy Shields ( by the deadline so that your roommate request can be recorded. At this time, the housing contract system will not automatically process these roommate requests, but staff can process them..

What if I have other questions?

If you have general questions, please email and the University Housing staff will be glad to assist. This email account is accessible only to the small housing assignments team. Students who would like to talk about specific individual circumstances or concerns can contact Mandy Shields, Associate Director, Occupancy Management, at Mandy has worked in Student Affairs for over twenty years, with a focus on removing process barriers to student success. As the manager of the contracts and assignments process, Mandy can explore your individual questions and recommend the best assignment options for you.

What are the campus resources if I identify within the LGBTQ+ community?

Here is a list of some of the available campus organizations & resources:

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