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University Housing / Future Residents / Future First-Year Students / Fall/Spring Housing Contract

Fall/Spring Housing Contract




Only these students are eligible to complete this contract:

  • students that have been admitted to FSU for Summer or Fall 2014
  • current FSU students that are living off-campus 


Summer Admits

Students admitted for Summer, must follow the instructions provided by FSU Admissions to accept their admission for Summer before they can submit a housing contract.

Please complete your Fall/Spring contract before you complete you Summer C 2014 housing contract. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We become overbooked for Fall/Spring housing much earlier than Summer.
  • Your Summer C contract priority does not carry over to your Fall/Spring contract.
  • We have fewer buildings open for Summer C and all are in close proximity to each other and have similar amenities.
  • For students that are still deciding if they will be attending or not, the Summer contract cancellation charge is higher ($100) than the Fall/Spring cancellation charge ($50) provided notice is provided by May 1. (Only those students not attending FSU can cancel their Summer C or Fall/Spring contracts.)



In short, the process to complete your housing contract is as follows. Click each step below to learn specifics about how to complete each item.

Step 1 Complete online portion of contract, including reviewing the terms and conditions of the housing contract.
Step 2 Within 10 calendar days of completing Step 1, pay the $225 advance payment on the FSU Fee Payment site.
Step 3 By April 15, submit parent/guardian signature form if student is under 18 when completing Step 1.

Failure to complete all of the steps that apply to you, will result in cancellation of your housing contract and will require you to resubmit your contract again. This will also result in a loss of your original priority.


Terms and Conditions of the Contract

The following are highlights of the terms and conditions of the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 housing contract:

  • This contract creates a financial obligation for both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters. 
  • This contract is binding regardless of room assignment. 
  • This contract cannot be cancelled for Fall 2014 unless you provide written notice that you will not be attending Florida State University for Fall 2014. If notice is provided by May 1, 2014 and you made a prepayment, you will be refunded your prepayment less a $50 cancellation fee.
  • will not be attending Florida State University for Spring 2015,  OR
  • are studying abroad for Spring 2015
  • This contract requires that you secure a meal plan through Seminole Dining if you are assigned to or select a room in Landis, Gilchrist, Broward, Bryan, Reynolds, Jennie Murphree, or Cawthon Halls. 

The full Housing Contract Terms and Conditions are available here.


Check Contract Status

Complete the following to check your status:

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Check Contract Status"
  4. Look for any items marked as NOT COMPLETE and follow the instructions provided by the deadline listed for each item.

Room Assignments

Room assignments will be available in mid-June 2014 for the earliest 85% of students that contract for housing. 

Students are assigned in order by the date/time students complete Step 1 of their housing contract as long as the student completes Steps 2 & 3 by the deadlines. The date/time order in which students apply is represented by the students' priority number.


Roommate Requests - Submit Between March 3 through May 1

Those incoming students that would like to room with 1 or more specific individuals will be able to submit their roommate request(s) between March 3 and May 1. Those students with mutual roommate requests at the time room assignments are made will be assigned based on the priority of the roommate with the worst priority.

Complete the following to request a roommate (between March 3 and May 1):

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Select Roommate Requests"
  4. Follow the prompts on the page. (You will need the last name and date of birth of anyone that you would like to request.)
  5. Check to see if your requested roommate is "Confirmed". If not, have your requested roommate follow these steps to request you.


Building/Room Type Preferences

Students can update their preferences as many times as they would like until May 1. 

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Update/Review Preferences and Contact Information"
  4. Follow the prompts on the page

Updating building/room type/visitation preferences will not change a student's priority.



Only those students that will not be attending Florida State University for the Fall Semester will be permitted to cancel their Fall/Spring housing contract.

To cancel your contract:

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Cancel Housing Contract"
  4. Follow the prompts on the page
  5. Repeat for Summer C contract, if applicable


Step 1 - Online Portion of Contract

1. Login to the myHousing portal with your FSUID and password
2.  Select the "Fall 2014/Spring 2015 housing contract"
3.  Follow the steps provided to indicate:


Step 2 - Submit Prepayment

1.  Click on this link: FSU Fee Payment site or browse to (FEES.FSU.EDU PDF)
2.  Click "I have a permanent FSUID" button
3.  Enter your login information (this will automatically redirect you to the “make a payment” screen in your Student Central account)
4.  Select the checkbox next to "Housing Deposit" (MAKE A PAYMENT PDF)
5.  Click "Continue"
6.  Continue following remaining prompts to select your payment method and make payment


Step 3 - Submit Parent/Guardian Signature, if applicable

1.  Download the Fall/Spring Contract Parent/Guardian Signature form PDF
2.  Fill in pertinent information on the form
3.  Print and sign form
4.  Return form (instructions provided on form)