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University Housing / Parents & Guardians / Hall Staff

Hall Staff

University Housing employs hundreds of employees across many disciplines and functional areas, each working collectively to ensure your student’s stay with us is one that supports academic success. Listed below are the employees your students will encounter to ensure their stay is a pleasurable one.


Resident Assistants

Your student’s first connection to the University will be with their Resident Assistant (RA). An RA is a peer, upper-division student who has gone through strenuous training that helps them address a wide range of student issues and crises. Trained in emergency response and mediation, RAs are the first line of defense and will almost always be the first point of contact for residents that have issues. RAs receive half off their room costs for the academic year and are on a staff of 6-19 RAs.


RAs will help your student connect to the University and is responsible for ensuring discipline on a floor or floors. They host floor programs at least once a month which will help your student connect with other students in their hall. As they are students, RAs can assist others with general navigation on campus and can answer many questions about the University.


While the RAs fulfill many roles, there are certain limitations. As University Housing does not have a curfew or “lights-out” policy, RAs do not perform bed checks nor do they provide wake-up calls. An RA’s role is to assist students in becoming more independent and helping ensure success as the student transitions to living on their own. An RA will not remind a student every day to take their medicine or wake them up for class, but will work with students to ensure that the student creates a system that will help them be successful in remembering their daily chores. When working with parents, RAs are trained to defer most inquiries and concerns to their supervisors, Residence Coordinators.


RAs go through a rigorous selection process and are selected for their 9-month positions in March. Over 400 students apply every year to hold this leadership and mentoring position.



Receptionists maintain orderly front desk operations and are another resource students have for Housing-related questions. The front desk of all residence halls are staffed 24/7 and during the day Receptionists assist with many Housing inquiries. Receptionists assist students who are locked out of their room or the halls and also rent out equipment used for playing ping pong and pool. On the utility side, they lend out cleaning supplies and dollies for moving large items. They also manage basic local deliveries such as Edible Arrangements or flower services.


Receptionists are adept at maintaining front desk organization and providing valuable services to the students. Since a desk attendant is always present, they can take messages for students or for professional staff that work in the residence halls. No Residence Life staff, including Receptionists, are authorized to perform “welfare checks” or call anyone back to report after “checking-in” on a student.


This is a student position. Selection for Receptionists will generally occur the semester prior to their start date.


Night Staff

Night Staff are students who maintain safety and security of the residence halls after normal business hours. They work from 11 PM to 7 AM, addressing policy violations or unsafe conditions as they become aware of them. They are an excellent resource for emergency response. Their responsibilities include securing all exit doors and ensuring University policies are being respected at all times. 


Assistant Coordinators

Assistant Coordinators are full-time graduate students that assist the Residence Coordinator in daily operations of the residence halls. Assistant Coordinators will generally be pursuing a Masters or Doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration and most will have a background in Residence Life (many served as RAs while they were undergraduate students). Assistant Coordinators fulfill many of the same responsibilities as a full-time Residence Coordinator.


Residence Coordinators

Residence Coordinators (RCs) are full-time Administrative & Professional employees of Florida State University. All RCs have a Masters degree in Higher Education Administration or a related field. RCs have a strong understanding for student development theory and supervise the residence hall staff, students, front desk operations, and facility concerns. They are the primary hearing officers for residence hall students that have allegedly violated a policy in the Student Conduct Code or the Guide to Residence Living.


It is the RC’s responsibility to ensure students receive follow-up and campus resources following crises or emergencies. They provide high student satisfaction by training and developing student employee staffs. Residence Coordinators are the primary source of contact for non-students, such as parents, that have questions or concerns regarding their student’s well-being.


Facilities Supervisors & Custodial

Facilities Supervisors supervise the cleanliness and functionality of all residence halls. They walk through the halls multiple times a day to ensure that maintenance requests and facility concerns have been appropriately assigned to skilled trades workers. They supervise the custodial staff, a team of approximately five employees, who maintain cleanliness in the residence hall common areas. The custodial team is responsible for ensuring public bathrooms are stocked and cleaned, and will perform daily cleaning and maintenance such as floor buffing and vacuuming.


While custodial employees ensure the cleanliness of all public areas, they do not clean individual student rooms. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own individual units. Once per semester, custodial employees will enter private student bathrooms for cleaning, but this is announced well in advance and all students have an option to opt-out of this service.



All residence halls have a designated skilled trades worker that ensures all areas of the residence hall are in proper working order.  Work tickets submitted by students for general repairs are typically addressed and fixed within twenty-four hours. University Housing staff provides maintenance and repairs for all property provided for the students, including light bulb replacement.