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University Housing / Graduate Housing / Arriving



Parking is available for check in by the Alumni Village office. Please use the parking spaces provided directly in front of the office and across the street in the larger parking area. Moving trucks and vans should be parked in the larger parking area. Please do not park on the street, in front of yellow painted curbs, or block cars.

For residents arriving in a taxi, please be advised that Alumni Village does not have or provide transportation to the apartments. Residents may want to consider having the taxi wait or calling for a new taxi to take them to their apartment. Walking to the apartment is also an option.

Numerous parking spaces are provided throughout the Alumni Village. All parking spaces are within a few feet of the buildings. When moving into your apartment, please do not drive or park on the grass or in the breezeways. This is an extreme safety hazard, causes damage to underground water and gas lines, and violates the University's Parking regulations.


The Check in process & Information provided

The check in process takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. During the check in residents are provided a verbal presentation and given written information about the Alumni Village, their apartment, and the policies and procedures of Alumni Village. Leaseholders must complete paperwork documentation prior to being issued the apartment key. Staff will be happy to answer any questions the resident may have during the check in process.


Documents to Provide

When arriving to check into the apartment residents will be asked to provide the following items:

  • Picture ID (FSU card, Drivers License, passport/Visa)
  • Assignment slip
  • Proof of paid first month's rent
  • Proof of paid utility connections
  • Married students- a translated copy of the marriage certificate or appropriate Visa (J2, F2, or H4)
  • Students with children- a translated copy of the birth certificate
  • Roommates: the roommate will need to provide a picture ID


Apartment keys, Extra keys and Mailbox keys

Once the check in process is completed and all required paperwork filled out, residents are issued the key to their apartment. Only one key per apartment is issued. If a spouse or roommate needs a key they will need to be registered in the apartment and provide appropriate documentation. Please read the “Keys” section in the Handbook found under the Procedures and Forms section on this website.


Inventory Sheets

An inspection of the apartment is completed by an Alumni Village staff member before residents move in. The pre-move in condition of the apartment is noted on the inventory sheet. The inventory sheet is provided to the resident upon checking into their apartment. Residents are STRONGLY encouraged to check the inventory sheet carefully for their own protection and report any discrepancies immediately by noting them on the inventory sheet. The yellow portion of the inventory sheet must be turned in within 10 days to be valid. Keep the pink signed copy that is returned in a secure place.