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University Housing / Future Residents / Residence Life Staff

Residence Life Staff

University Housing staff is available to ease your transition to FSU, help you with concerns, resolve difficult situations and create memorable experiences in the residence halls. 

Residence Coordinators
The Residence Coordinator is a full-time, professional live-in staff member. The Coordinator is a graduate of a master’s degree program, most typically higher education administration or student counseling. The Coordinator is responsible for the overall operations in the hall or complex. Duties include helping residents with academic, housing and personal problems; advising residence hall student groups; providing educational programs; supervising and training RAs; and helping residents develop and maintain positive communities.
Assistant Coordinators/Hall Directors
Assistant Coordinators and Hall Directors are full-time graduate students pursuing academic work (usually in higher education administration or student counseling) who also live and work in the residence halls. These graduate students assist the Residence Coordinator in all areas of hall management, community development, student group advising, and staff supervision.
Resident Assistants (RAs)
RAs are upper-division undergraduate students who live in the residence halls. RAs coordinate fun and educational activities, inform students about university norms and expectations, serve as a resource for students, disseminate information, and work toward building a community atmosphere. RAs uphold and enforce community standards and university policies and have the authority to confront residents or guests in violation of these policies. Residents are encouraged to go to their RA staff with questions or concerns.
Receptionists are students who work at the front desk of each residence hall to provide customer service to residents and their guests.  They manage the day-to-day functions that are crucial to the success of our communities.  They also provide administrative assistance to the Residence Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for the building.
Night Staff
Night Staff are students who are responsible for maintaining safety and security in the residence halls between the hours of 11pm-7am.  They address safety and security concerns, as well as policy issues, and assist hall staff in times of emergency.