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University Housing / Future Residents / Future Transfer Students

Future Transfer Students

Planning to live on campus when you get to FSU? Smart move. In a University residence hall, you'll:

  • Meet new friends immediately
  • Be close to classes and campus events
  • Get an academic-year contract (no 12-month leases!)
  • Find leadership and job opportunities
  • Stay connected to what's happening on campus


Incoming transfer students that contract to move on-campus for a future semester are assigned priority in the order in which they contract for housing along with incoming first-year and students moving from off-campus.

As long as these students graduated high school at least 1 year in advance, they are eligible to preference one or more of our upper-division apartment-style facilities (Ragans, Traditions, McCollum, and Rogers) when completing the housing contract. Students are forewarned that preferences cannot be guaranteed and completion of the contract creates a financial responsibility for the entire contract period regardless of the room assignment or the date that the room assignment is made.


Residence Halls

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